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Od'cha KBY Virtual Choir Video - Donation form



At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the KBI clergy and staff team worked swiftly to not only convert and adapt almost all of our existing offerings to meaningful online happenings, but also to come up with innovative events specifically made for distance-participation.

We were not, for obvious reasons, able to present in-person the fun Jewish Music concert originally planned for June; nor is there a way for people to sing together in real-time over the internet, to say nothing about holding actual choir rehearsals! So the adult choir and I embarked on the challenge of producing a musical "event" of which our community could be proud and could enjoy (and hopefully share among family and friends).

This virtual-choir project was not meant as a "publicity stunt", nor was the goal to whip out a video like many other choirs are doing. It was a valuable opportunity, a new part of KBI's music program -- an educational, inclusive, and (I contend) spiritually imperative project -- where every chorister garnered more personalized attention than I could ever have given under "normal" circumstances. This was a labour of love for each one of our singers, as it was for me. 

Professional media firms charge upwards of $2,500 to produce a video like ours. Instead, we accomplished the task ourselves, on a "budget" of just the musician- and Cantor-hours involved, in part hoping that this project could raise funds for KBI's unique virtual programming, outreach, services, and materials.

If you value what KBI is doing for our community during the pandemic, or if you just really enjoyed our Od'cha video, please consider making a donation to KBI using the form below. Thank you for your generosity!

Please enjoy the Od'cha video!

B'rinah - yours in song,
Cantor Jason Green


Thank you for your generosity!
Thu, 13 August 2020 23 Av 5780