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A Taste of Torah

What comes to mind when you think of foods that appear in the Torah? Perhaps you think of forbidden fruits, manna from heaven, or an infamous red lentil stew traded for a brother’s birthright... the list goes on (to say nothing of the laws of kashrut, which take up relatively little textual real estate). From contemporary food culture all the way down to our roots, food is a rich and ancient language the Jewish people use to communicate. In the Torah, food is a language that offers insight into the nature of relationships: relationships between people, between people and land, and between the Israelites and God. In this weekly series, we will use food to find new perspectives on old stories and elevate aspects of our heritage traditionally relegated to the realm of “women’s work”. We will use the parsha hashavua, the Jewish holidays, and the emerging interests of our group to guide our learning.  
In our first two sessions before the High Holidays, we will build a foundation for the rest of the year. We will look at examples of different scholars who treat food as a serious biographical tool, dive right into biblical stories, and reflect on our own relationships at the intersection of food and Judaism.  

   Virtual Women's Torah Study
Please contribute in whatever way you are comfortable.
Wed, 1 February 2023 10 Shevat 5783