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May/June Update

Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Board, I am delighted to welcome 2 new Board Members, David Lyman, a partner with Dickie and Lyman LLP and Yossi Bokhaut, CPA, CMA, with the RCMP, who have recently filled our 2 vacant positions. In the meantime, the Nominating Committee, under Harvey Slack, is diligently working on proposing a new slate for the upcoming year.
We congratulate Dahlia Milech, our Ottawa Kosher Food Bank's Manager, as one of two recipients of the Women's Collective Philanthropy Program's, (WCPP), Grant Award. Dahlia and Laine Lazarovitz submitted a comprehensive entry for this award and Dahlia will be presented with the award and a $1000 cheque for the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank (OKFB) on June 6, 2019 at the OJCF AGM. We are so proud of the wonderful work being done by our very progressive OKFB. It serves a much needed-service in our community.
Your security at KBI is our priority and therefore, this past Shabbat, we held a mock fire drill. Rabbi Kenter explained what was planned to congregants, who then followed directions in an orderly fashion. The ushers and gabbaim manned the doors and 7 volunteers were enlisted to carry each of our Torahs to safety. Thank you to all for participating so fully. We will be repeating these types of drills and refining our procedures and protocols as we learn from them.  
We are now asking that the laneway that runs beside the synagogue from Coldrey to Laperriere be reserved only for those with handicapped parking stickers on Shabbat, and that you park only on the side of that lane closer to shul, in order to permit fire and emergency vehicles faster access to our premises.
Comprehensive and meaningful programming has been one of our major goals this year. Our Shabbat sheets, website and poster boards are constantly filled with varied and interesting events. Our dedicated clergy, staff and programming committees are trying to appeal to all ages and tastes by providing both targeted and communal quality activities. Coming up this June is our major Echoes of the Soul Concert featuring Cantor Green and esteemed musician Julian Dawes  as well as some amazing local talent, as well as a Kosher Day at the Ballpark. I have such fond memories of our last shul Ballpark experience and remember well Rabbi Kenter running the bases with Boaz during the halftime break show.
Last week I had the privilege of participating in a Mevashlim B'Ivrit (Cooking in Hebrew) workshop that was hosted by our Kehillah. 30 participants joined in learning a bit of Hebrew while making well-known Israeli dishes and then sitting down together and sharing a communal dinner. In the words of the program - "Food brings people together and opens hearts, food comforts and stimulates memories."
In this same vein, at Kehillat Beth Israel, we are building a welcoming community that is inclusive and warmly welcomes all. You will have recently received your membership renewal packages. I encourage everyone to complete them promptly and to also take the opportunity to register on our Website for your own Shulcloud account, if you have not yet done so, and to update your personal information. We often hear of congregants in hospital or in need of a clergy visit and yet when we try to contact them to make arrangements to meet, we find the information we have on our system is no longer valid. As well, there will be information posted on a Members' only area of our Website and unless you are registered, you will not be able to access this section.   Please update your phone numbers, email accounts, Hebrew names etc.. If you require any assistance, we will be pleased to help you and walk you through the process. Membership renewal forms can be access online here:
I wish you and your families a healthy, happy and very enjoyable summer filled with laughter and sunshine.
Sincerely submitted,
Helen Zipes
President, KBI
Sun, 23 February 2020 28 Shevat 5780