Kehillat Beth Israel provides a full range of opportunities for congregants to join together in prayer, with women and men participating equally in all aspects of ritual.

Throughout the year, at High Holy Days, Shabbat services or daily minyanim, you are always welcome. While our services are conducted predominantly in Hebrew, our texts provide full English translation and transliteration of popular prayers.

We have head coverings and tallitot (prayer shawls) available for both men and women (in case you forget yours!)


Daily Services

For centuries, Jews have gathered together to pray, mourn and to celebrate life together. Many people find that daily prayer helps center the mind and the heart. Our daily minyan is in Hebrew using the Siddur Sim Shalom for Weekdays. As Kehillat Beth Israel is an egalitarian congregation, both men and women are counted to form a minyan.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to register as a Minyanaire please click here.


Shabbat Services

Kehillat Beth Israel conducts a full range of Shabbat services, starting with Kabbalat Shabbat after the Friday Mincha service. Service times are guided by the setting of the sun and are posted on the front page of this web site.

Kabbalat Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday as Kehillat Beth Israel welcomes the start of Shabbat. The service concludes with Ma’ariv.

Shabbat Morning Services begin at 9:00 a.m. in the main sanctuary with lay-led Birchot ha-Shachar and Pesukei d’Zimrah transitioning into Shacharit, the Torah service and Musaf led by the Cantor.

“Kehillateinu”, our youth service, runs every Shabbat of the school year. It begins at 10:00 a.m. in the Chapel and concludes with the children leading the closing prayers on the bimah in the main sanctuary.

Shabbat Mincha, Seudah Shlishit (Learning & Leftovers with Rabbi Kenter) and Ma’ariv take place in the Chapel and are again guided by the setting of the sun and the times are on the main page of this web site.


Weekday Services

Shacharit services (followed by morning breakfast) normally begin at 7:30 a.m. Monday to Friday and 8:30 a.m. on Sundays and Statutory Holidays. Shacharit begins 15 minutes earlier (7:15 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. respectively) on Rosh Chodesh and other Holy Days.

Mincha and Ma’ariv are held consecutively starting at 6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday inclusively.

Our daily minyanim are typically lay led and are held in our Chapel. We encourage congregants to let Cantor Jason Green or Rabbi Eytan Kenter know if they want to lead a service.


Yizkor and Yahrzeit

While Yizkor is not a service unto itself, special prayers to remember our departed loved ones are said four times a year on Yom Kippur, the eighth day of Sukkot (Shemini Atzeret), the second day of Shavuot and the last day of Pesach.

Kehillat Beth Israel encourages those observing Yizkor to attend the full service, not just the Yizkor prayers, but of course you are welcome to drop in just for this special moving service.

If you have Yahrzeit and would like to have an Aliyah to honour the memory of your loved one, please contact the office.